vivaloves her paintbrush holder

A little leftover ribbon, a hot glue gun, a broken necklace, a clean pesto jar = a paintbrush holder!

I made sure I had enough ribbon to wrap around the jar (I didn’t have enough of the paisley ribbon, so I had to add the plain burgundy ribbon on the top), then I attached the ribbon to the jar a little at a time using the hot glue gun (put a little glue on the ribbon, attach to the jar, repeat).

My paint brush holder didn’t look quite “finished” when I was done, so I added the broken necklace later (you will need some pliers to secure the necklace together on the jar). Some cute alternatives to the necklace: tiny flowers or buttons or rick-rack.

I would love to see how you decorate your jar … please, please, post a link to your blog in the comments section so I can see. Or email a photo:





Book Marks

My daughter, Stella, and I spent about two hours laying in my bed, drinking tea and reading books. She finished hers (Judy Moody Saves The World) and I finished mine (The Hunger Games).  At one point, Stella put her book down to pet Oliver, the kitten … and I realized we didn’t have any bookmarks so she could hold her place (I can’t stand folding the corner of the page down)!  

So I grabbed some fun items I had in the house and made these:


A few paperclips, some chipboard flowers, a couple brads, buttons, paint, glue …. and we had some pretty cute bookmarks!  Hooray!   *-love


Hello Very Pretty, Sparkly Shoes!

I came across a super cute DIY on  A Beautiful Mess and ran right out to the store to get supplies.   My little girl absolutely needed a pair of pretty, shiny shoes to wear with … everything!

This project was done in a short period of time and the only supplies I needed were shoes, tacky glue, a paint brush and glitter.  I wanted an eye-popping blue for these shoes and was thrilled with  Martha Stewart Crafts Iridescent Glitter in Blueberry Slush from Michaels.   Such a fun color, especially against the bright pink trim on the shoes!  -love!