Up The Hill

Scene:  8pm, watching a Barbie movie with my eight year old daughter, Stella.

Stella:  Mom?

Me: Yes?

Stella:  Do you remember when we went bike riding and there was a big hill we had to ride on? 

Me: Yes (I don’t).

Stella:  Well, I farted all the way up the hill AND all the way down it.  (Insert slight pause here)   I feel really bad for the people that were behind me.


Magical Monday, February 13

Stella had a Valentine’s Day project for school: Decorate a shoe or oatmeal box for the kids in class to put cards in it. “Well, we will have to go to the store and pick out some cards, too.” I said.

“I want to make the cards!” She exclaimed. “I want to make them so they are special.” And so, my crafty little girl made handmade Valentine’s Day cards for her class. And together we painted the oatmeal box with chalkboard paint so she and her friends could write messages on it. She was so happy! Stella looked at her project, then looked at me and said “Mom! I love that we are so creative!”
That little girl made my heart smile!






What A Fun Weekend!










We had so much fun: thrifting, biking (taken with my Hipstamatic app.), sneaking up on geese, running in the grass (taken with my Hipstamatic app.), playing with adorable thrifted fabric, eating lemon plums and strawberries, finishing a Valentine’s Day project for school, opening Stella’s nightstand to find her collection of ponies stashed in it, and picking some lettuce from our container garden.

I had a very happy weekend! I hope you did, too. *-love

Let Us Eat Lettuce!

My daughter, Stella, thinks that we do things the “old-fashioned” way at home.  These are some of the things that make us “old-fashioned” to her: We make chicken soup by putting the whole chicken into a pot of water to boil – most of her friends parents pour it out of a can.  We go to estate sales to find cool things to decorate – most of her friends parents go to the mall.  We spend our time together reading, crafting, bike riding, climbing trees – most of her friends parents spend time with their kids in front of the tv.  She thinks our “old-fashioned” way of doing things is pretty great. 

One of the other “old-fashioned” things we did recently is growing some edible things in our “garden”.  One day, we were at Home Depot looking at flowers to plant in order to make our front yard a little more cheery.  Stella decided we also needed to plant some tomato’s and lettuce so we could have a salad anytime we wanted one!   Yes, Stella, what a fabulous idea!!!  We settled on  cherry tomato plants and red lettuce.  We put them in pots and gave container gardening a whirl.  Every day we would water the plants, made sure they had lots of sunlight and after awhil –  ta!da!- our efforts paid off and we had our first salad (well, the lettuce in our salad was from our little garden … the tomato’s were from Trader Joe’s).  The salad was delicious and honestly, it gave me a sense of pride to be able to grow something and then feed my family with it.  If this is “old-fashioned” … then I am a fan.    *-love.


Magical Monday

I believe we can all effect positive change … if one person does something good for another, both peoples spirit “light up” and fuels the desire to do more “good” deeds.  I believe that we are all connected and that one smile, one genuine word of kindness, one moment of holding the door open for someone behind can make another person feel good.  Then they will go into the world and give someone else a smile, speak a kind word, hold a door wide open for someone else.  So, I wanted to share a really neat “pay it forward” that I found while I was ordering some books for my daughter from Scholastic Books. 

Ahhh, Scholastic Books, love them!  They have the flyer that comes home with your kid requesting the parents to purchase a book or two (at a nicely discounted price, of course).  The books then show up at a later date in the classroom.  My daughter LOVES when getting these books.  She gets the flyer, circles the books she would most like to have (she is an amazing reader), and then waits in anticipation for weeks for the Scholastic Book order to arrive.   I like to add a “surprise” book to the order, one that I think she would enjoy but that she didn’t circle.  My surprise pick this time was Nancy Drew & the Clue Crue #1: Sleepover Sleuths by Carolyn Keene.  I chose this because 1. Stella is really getting into reading “series” and 2. I loved reading the Nancy Drew series as a kid (and I loved the tv show, too….Shhhhh).

Anyway, I was on the Scholastic site and saw a link about “bookprints”.  Of course, I had to find out more. (I can not figure out how to get things to link to sites, so to go to this site, you will have to cut and past the URL into your browser. Sorry.  http://youarewhatyouread.scholastic.com/adults/)  Apparently, there is this thing called a Bookprint – “the list of books that leave an indelible mark on our lives, shaping who we are and who we become”.  You can look at celebrity bookprints or create a bookprint account and find out your own bookprint, then connect with other people online who have created their bookprint profiles.   The really great part about this is that when you create your own bookprint, Scholastic Book Club will donate one book in your honor to Reach Out and Read, a program that is “Immunizing Children Against Illiteracy”.  Here is their site (again, cut and past for now) http://www.reachoutandread.org/impact/.  Reach Out and Read claims that:

More than one-third of American children enter kindergarten without the basic language skills they will need to learn to read. Those critical early literacy skills include recognizing the letters of the alphabet, understanding that books move from left to right, and being able to understand and tell stories.

-Despite the billions of dollars Americans have invested in remedial reading programs, those millions of children who enter school unprepared are highly likely to never catch up. In fact, 88% of first graders who are below grade level in reading will continue to read below grade level in fourth grade. (Juel, 1988)


For me, some of my favorite times are reading books.  And now that my daughter is an avid reader, we read books together (she reads hers and I read mine but we sit side-by-side).  I also read to her before she goes to bed at night (A little habit I picked up from my step-mother, who would read to my brother and I before bedtime. It is a fond memory and I hope I am creating those memories for my daughter,as well).  

Creating a bookprint looks like fun, helps you connect with other readers AND promotes a worthwhile cause!  Magical!!!! *-love.

Lion Coffee = Joy

Has anyone ever had Lion Coffee???  It is so yummy!  I recently discovered it through a couple of my friends … and I am absolutely addicted to it.  In fact, I am having some right now!   

The sad thing is, there is no place here in Arizona to purchase it!!!   Some places you can find it: Hawaii, online here, and at this adorable little coffee shop in San Diego.  I feel so lucky because a friend’s daughter went to San Diego and brought some Lion Coffee back home with her!  Hooray!  I am currently drinking Caramel … but there is Macadamia, Vanilla Macadamia and Toasted Coconut to delight in!   Mmmmmmmm. 

Book Marks

My daughter, Stella, and I spent about two hours laying in my bed, drinking tea and reading books. She finished hers (Judy Moody Saves The World) and I finished mine (The Hunger Games).  At one point, Stella put her book down to pet Oliver, the kitten … and I realized we didn’t have any bookmarks so she could hold her place (I can’t stand folding the corner of the page down)!  

So I grabbed some fun items I had in the house and made these:


A few paperclips, some chipboard flowers, a couple brads, buttons, paint, glue …. and we had some pretty cute bookmarks!  Hooray!   *-love