Free Photo Book with Free Shipping / Military

I came across this deal and wanted to share …. it’s a really sweet way to share special moments.   Apparently, the USO and RocketLife have teamed up to offer a free 20 page personal photo book …. and it ships for free (APO, FPO or MPO).  

Go Here For The Photo Book

Free 20 page personal photo book / Military


 ( I spotted the deal here:  Thanks!)



i have missed you

Dear Blog,

I have neglected you due to the following things:  I didn’t know what to say / my blog isn’t as pretty as the other blogs / my pictures aren’t as “picture-y” as other people’s pictures / busy with my daughter / was caught up in my own world / getting my heart broken (booo!) / reading books / reading other blogs / watching documentaries (so many documentaries!) / work / cooking / laundry …

I know, I know.  So many excuses.  I apologize and will make a real effort to start posting again.  And honestly, I’ve missed you very, very much.  The end.

-vivaloves: her blog

Magical Monday, February 13

Stella had a Valentine’s Day project for school: Decorate a shoe or oatmeal box for the kids in class to put cards in it. “Well, we will have to go to the store and pick out some cards, too.” I said.

“I want to make the cards!” She exclaimed. “I want to make them so they are special.” And so, my crafty little girl made handmade Valentine’s Day cards for her class. And together we painted the oatmeal box with chalkboard paint so she and her friends could write messages on it. She was so happy! Stella looked at her project, then looked at me and said “Mom! I love that we are so creative!”
That little girl made my heart smile!






What A Fun Weekend!










We had so much fun: thrifting, biking (taken with my Hipstamatic app.), sneaking up on geese, running in the grass (taken with my Hipstamatic app.), playing with adorable thrifted fabric, eating lemon plums and strawberries, finishing a Valentine’s Day project for school, opening Stella’s nightstand to find her collection of ponies stashed in it, and picking some lettuce from our container garden.

I had a very happy weekend! I hope you did, too. *-love