Free Photo Book with Free Shipping / Military

I came across this deal and wanted to share …. it’s a really sweet way to share special moments.   Apparently, the USO and RocketLife have teamed up to offer a free 20 page personal photo book …. and it ships for free (APO, FPO or MPO).  

Go Here For The Photo Book

Free 20 page personal photo book / Military


 ( I spotted the deal here:  Thanks!)



vivaloves … her (new) camera


I have been dreaming of a new camera for months (new camera meaning:  I realized the pics on my blog suck aka the camera on my iPhone works great for facebook, not so much for blogging).  

I was a little worried about this dreamy feeling because I had NO idea which camera to get and I had so many questions!  So, I called my friends that had “real” camera’s to get their opinions (start slow and get an entry-level Canon or Nikon), I searched blogs to find out what the cool people were using (Canon EOS 40D), how many megapixels do I really need (depends on how big you are printing your pictures), point & shoot vs. a dslr (dslr gives you more control / can block the “world” out), new or used (depends on who you ask), what camera bag do I get (still looking … I want a pretty one), do I want a camera that also records video (that would be super!) and  it costs how much (insert jaw drop here)?!? 

I decided on a Canon Rebel TSi.  And a wide-angle lens.  I have fallen head over heels for both. Image


Magical Monday, February 13

Stella had a Valentine’s Day project for school: Decorate a shoe or oatmeal box for the kids in class to put cards in it. “Well, we will have to go to the store and pick out some cards, too.” I said.

“I want to make the cards!” She exclaimed. “I want to make them so they are special.” And so, my crafty little girl made handmade Valentine’s Day cards for her class. And together we painted the oatmeal box with chalkboard paint so she and her friends could write messages on it. She was so happy! Stella looked at her project, then looked at me and said “Mom! I love that we are so creative!”
That little girl made my heart smile!






What A Fun Weekend!










We had so much fun: thrifting, biking (taken with my Hipstamatic app.), sneaking up on geese, running in the grass (taken with my Hipstamatic app.), playing with adorable thrifted fabric, eating lemon plums and strawberries, finishing a Valentine’s Day project for school, opening Stella’s nightstand to find her collection of ponies stashed in it, and picking some lettuce from our container garden.

I had a very happy weekend! I hope you did, too. *-love

Soft, Quiet Moments

Today has been filled with tons if activity: washing the dog, keeping the kitten entertained, “making” a horse (we have a kit), cleaning, laundry, cooking, listening to music, taking out the garbage, cleaning the backyard, riding bikes, phone calls, crafts, watching a movie … A day filled with constant motion.

Stella was in her room and I was exhausted, half-laying on the couch just looking out the window … thinking of nothing, really. When I realized that it was absolutely still in the house. And it was an amazing moment. I realized that my home was completely calm. Quiet.
And it made me feel joy. And peace.

How rare those moments are … Those that make you thankful for every single one of the other moments: the busy, the loud, the crazy, the sweet, the loving, the good…
It is in the very quiet, still – almost magical moments – where I am utterly thankful to have the life that I live.