Let Us Eat Lettuce!

My daughter, Stella, thinks that we do things the “old-fashioned” way at home.  These are some of the things that make us “old-fashioned” to her: We make chicken soup by putting the whole chicken into a pot of water to boil – most of her friends parents pour it out of a can.  We go to estate sales to find cool things to decorate – most of her friends parents go to the mall.  We spend our time together reading, crafting, bike riding, climbing trees – most of her friends parents spend time with their kids in front of the tv.  She thinks our “old-fashioned” way of doing things is pretty great. 

One of the other “old-fashioned” things we did recently is growing some edible things in our “garden”.  One day, we were at Home Depot looking at flowers to plant in order to make our front yard a little more cheery.  Stella decided we also needed to plant some tomato’s and lettuce so we could have a salad anytime we wanted one!   Yes, Stella, what a fabulous idea!!!  We settled on  cherry tomato plants and red lettuce.  We put them in pots and gave container gardening a whirl.  Every day we would water the plants, made sure they had lots of sunlight and after awhil –  ta!da!- our efforts paid off and we had our first salad (well, the lettuce in our salad was from our little garden … the tomato’s were from Trader Joe’s).  The salad was delicious and honestly, it gave me a sense of pride to be able to grow something and then feed my family with it.  If this is “old-fashioned” … then I am a fan.    *-love.


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