Soft, Quiet Moments

Today has been filled with tons if activity: washing the dog, keeping the kitten entertained, “making” a horse (we have a kit), cleaning, laundry, cooking, listening to music, taking out the garbage, cleaning the backyard, riding bikes, phone calls, crafts, watching a movie … A day filled with constant motion.

Stella was in her room and I was exhausted, half-laying on the couch just looking out the window … thinking of nothing, really. When I realized that it was absolutely still in the house. And it was an amazing moment. I realized that my home was completely calm. Quiet.
And it made me feel joy. And peace.

How rare those moments are … Those that make you thankful for every single one of the other moments: the busy, the loud, the crazy, the sweet, the loving, the good…
It is in the very quiet, still – almost magical moments – where I am utterly thankful to have the life that I live.



2 thoughts on “Soft, Quiet Moments

  1. Nice story! I live for those moments of thanksgiving also =) The chaos and constant running with kids can drive you to madness but it is the only way for me..I wouldn’t want any other life =) I enjoyed this little story, it made me reflect back on my week and say a little prayer of thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing!!!!

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