From Gold to Girly Blue

I recently found a beautiful, gold mirrored tray at an estate sale.  Swoon!
I immediately started imagining it on my bedroom dresser …  I would set my very favorite candle on it. Perfect!  I was imagining the dreamy way the light from the flame would bounce off the mirror below.  And then, there was a tug on my sweater and a pretty little voice saying:  “Mom!  That would be so cute in my room with my new perfume bottle on it!”  Just like that, my vision was shattered. 
“Yes, Stella” I replied. this would look so cute with your new perfume bottle on it.  *sigh*
“Can we paint it blue? But a girl blue … not a boy blue.”
“Of course we will paint it a girly blue!”

I removed the mirror, took it in the backyard, grabbed the girly blue spray paint  (the color I used is Odyssey Blue) and the tray went from gold to girly.



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