Hello 2012!


Well Hello There 2012!

Wow!  The new year has already begun with fun times!  Stella and I started the year having a delicious breakfast of bluebery / chocolate chip pancakes (yep!  we mixed both blueberries and chocolate chips into one pancake and it was delicious).   Then we went on a 2 hour (!) bike ride.  2 hours is a long time to ride for an 8 year old … and yes, she was stopping every few minutes on the ride back because her little legs hurt!  Poor thing!

We stopped and sat down by a pond and I asked her if she had any New Years Resolutions.  Yes!  She has one: being able to write ALL of her words in cursive, not just her first name.  How cute!!! 

I don’t normally make New Year’s Resolutions because I like to feel that I can begin changing my life any time I desire … but I have decided that since I just started blogging, I will make one resolution: blogging six times a week.  I want to have weekly posts that everyone can look forward to … the first weekly post I have decided on is: Magical Monday.   I really want to highlight the good that is out in the world.  And I think that anyone who does good – does their part to create happiness – is magical.  So on Magical Monday I will focus on one person or company or idea that is making magic out in the word! 

A fun thing we have to look forward to in 2012:  raising a kitten!  After many discussions over whether or not to get a kitten (and lots of begging and pleading by Stella) … we decided that, yes!, a kitten would be a nice addition to our little family.  Please welcome: OLIVER!  A 7 week old kitten that we adopted from a Veterinary Clinic (he had been abandoned).   I will definately give updates and share pictures of our “little boy”.  

Happy, happy, happy 2012!


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