This Writer’s 2012 New Years Blogging Resolutions

I have decided that 2012 is going to be different for me!  I want a “new life” … a new way of being:  on time instead of 6 minutes late, reading a whole book instead of getting 3 chapters into it and ditching it for the latest issue of some gossip magazine,  actually doing hot yoga instead of saying that I will do it, blogging on a regualar basis instead of reading everyone else’s blog and deciding I have nothing interesting to say.  Because I have things to say, I have things to document, and even if the only person that reads it is my mom, well, that is ok!

I was inspired to post on my blog after I read this: This Writer’s 2012 New Years Blogging Resolutions.

I will be cementing my 2012 New Life Wish List to paper (yes, paper!) on Christmas Eve night (no family in town and my little girl will be with her dad … yes, I will be alone … creating!!!)   Wish me luck!


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