Free Photo Book with Free Shipping / Military

I came across this deal and wanted to share …. it’s a really sweet way to share special moments.   Apparently, the USO and RocketLife have teamed up to offer a free 20 page personal photo book …. and it ships for free (APO, FPO or MPO).  

Go Here For The Photo Book

Free 20 page personal photo book / Military


 ( I spotted the deal here:  Thanks!)



i have missed you

Dear Blog,

I have neglected you due to the following things:  I didn’t know what to say / my blog isn’t as pretty as the other blogs / my pictures aren’t as “picture-y” as other people’s pictures / busy with my daughter / was caught up in my own world / getting my heart broken (booo!) / reading books / reading other blogs / watching documentaries (so many documentaries!) / work / cooking / laundry …

I know, I know.  So many excuses.  I apologize and will make a real effort to start posting again.  And honestly, I’ve missed you very, very much.  The end.

-vivaloves: her blog

vivaloves … her (new) camera


I have been dreaming of a new camera for months (new camera meaning:  I realized the pics on my blog suck aka the camera on my iPhone works great for facebook, not so much for blogging).  

I was a little worried about this dreamy feeling because I had NO idea which camera to get and I had so many questions!  So, I called my friends that had “real” camera’s to get their opinions (start slow and get an entry-level Canon or Nikon), I searched blogs to find out what the cool people were using (Canon EOS 40D), how many megapixels do I really need (depends on how big you are printing your pictures), point & shoot vs. a dslr (dslr gives you more control / can block the “world” out), new or used (depends on who you ask), what camera bag do I get (still looking … I want a pretty one), do I want a camera that also records video (that would be super!) and  it costs how much (insert jaw drop here)?!? 

I decided on a Canon Rebel TSi.  And a wide-angle lens.  I have fallen head over heels for both. Image


vivaloves her paintbrush holder

A little leftover ribbon, a hot glue gun, a broken necklace, a clean pesto jar = a paintbrush holder!

I made sure I had enough ribbon to wrap around the jar (I didn’t have enough of the paisley ribbon, so I had to add the plain burgundy ribbon on the top), then I attached the ribbon to the jar a little at a time using the hot glue gun (put a little glue on the ribbon, attach to the jar, repeat).

My paint brush holder didn’t look quite “finished” when I was done, so I added the broken necklace later (you will need some pliers to secure the necklace together on the jar). Some cute alternatives to the necklace: tiny flowers or buttons or rick-rack.

I would love to see how you decorate your jar … please, please, post a link to your blog in the comments section so I can see. Or email a photo: